Transfer Students

Inter-City Transfer

Alhamra National Schools offers inter-regional and inter-city transfer facilities to its students. A student is eligible to apply for inter-city transfer facilities provided that:

  • He/she has completed twelve month or one academic year at the branch from which he/she is seeking transfer.
  • He/she has cleared all his/her dues in the branch he/she studying and from which he/she is seeking transfers:
  • There is no gap between the date of withdrawal from one branch and the date of admission to another branch.
  • If a student qualifies for inter-city transfer:
  • No admission fee will be charged by the branch to which the student has been transferred:
  • The student will be entitled to refund of his/her security deposit:
  • Security deposit will have to be deposited at the branch where the student has been transferred. There may be a difference between the amount of security deposit refunded and that due to be deposited.
  • Even if a student is eligible for inter-city transfer, he/she shall only qualify for the same subject to availability of a vacancy in the requested branch. The decision of the relevant regional office will be final in this regard.

At the time of admission , an admission test will be taker in classes Kindergarten-X. This test is based on his/her previous class learning in English, Urdu , Science and Mathematics.