Director’s Message

It is the age of globalization; the age of technology boom; and the age of internationalization. It is the age when one can’t live without knowing and keeping oneself abreast of global trends and challenges at one hand and to maintain one’s identity in the global village to root oneself in local values, morals, mores, ideology, culture, and context on the other hand.

Everyone wants his/her children to be brought up according to the needs and challenges of the new age. The parents are too much concerned with the education of their children. The parents dream the system of education where their children  may become a good citizen of the country and a useful and peaceful citizen of the globe as well. Parents want their children not only to be equipped with the knowledge and skills of science and technology but also to be embedded with Islamic values and Pakistani cultural values.

In Pakistan, now a days, different educational systems are mushrooming day by day. Therefore, for parents, options are legion. But at the same time, myriad of options become confusing for a layman in a sense that which option is appropriate for his/her children. In such a critical situation, there was a dire need to develop the system of education, which may become the only evident choice for the parents for the overall development of their children.

Keeping in view the above mentioned reasons, the idea of developing Alhamra National Schools System was conceived by the leadership of National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA & E). To realize his dream, the Chairman of the system launched this school system.To actualize his vision, the chairman selected me as a director of the system, shared his vision with me and gave me the responsibility to develop the system according to the aspirations of the leadership and the national needs and challenges of the day.

I, as a director of Alhamra National Schools System (ANS), ensure every parent and individual that the system is the best choice of them for the nourishment and development of their children. The ANS is the educational system, where we consider not only the individual needs of the learners but also the diverse needs of the society at large. We have incorporated the national as well as international trends and challenges into our system of education. The learner will not only learn the academic tasks but also he/she will learn practical life skills to be a useful member of a vibrant and tolerant society. I am confident to assure the parents that this system is the only system which will cater your children as they should be catered for.

The Director,
Alhamra National Schools