Chairman’s Message

Alhamra National School (ANS) System is a project of National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA & E). NCBA & E has already developed its worth as a hallmark of academic excellence and innovative learning. We have launched the project of Alhamra National School (ANS) System to carry on our academic prestige and worth at school level and to provide educational excellence, innovative learning, and state of the art infra structure to provide conducive environment for learning. We have launched this project with the mission to provide the education in accordance with the needs of 21st century at one hand and to keep the education within the accessibility of all and sundry of the nation on the other hand.

ANS has been launched to develop a community with motivation, dedication, and missionary enthusiasm, where students may actualize and unfold their potentialities and capabilities in a natural way. For this purpose we are developing purpose-built campuses of ANS through out the country.We assure that each of the campuses will incorporate state of the art infra structure with the class rooms that will be enabled with enhanced technology at par with global trends that will ensure critical and experiential learning for learners. To actualize our dream, we have recruited highly motivated and dedicated team, which will ensure the proper upbringing of the new generation.Our team will be equipped with updated knowledge, innovative pedagogical skills, and adept in enhanced technology of the day.

Alhamra National School System